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Eight teams, a total of 64 participants, started the race in Malibu, California where they received their first clue, which was to paraglide over the coastline. The teams received a mind bending clue at each challenge that forced them to put their heads together to figure out the next destination and assignment. Challenges included identifying and finding a landmark building and snapping a Polaroid in front of it with the team, hunting for a goldfish and sea cucumber in Chinatown, assembling a clue puzzle in a Los Angeles office building, taking the metro from downtown LA to Long Beach, then biking, running and swimming from Seal Beach to the finish line in Laguna Beach. Each charity was guaranteed a $10,000 donation, but the event's winning team chose which charity would receive $20,000. With a total of $50,000 raised, each of the charity organizations will provide a match bringing the grand total of donations to $100,000. The TCW Group, Inc. won the race by a mere three minutes and chose Junior Achievement’s Finance Park to receive double the money. “By working together and taking advantage of everyone’s talent and resourcefulness, we were able to navigate our way to the finish line while having a lot of fun and raising money for a great cause,’’ said TCW team captain Carmen Pack.

"This year we went back to our Challenge for Children roots and organized a company-wide event with a few industry teams that made meaningful contributions to enable this year's donation. We knew it would be a challenge to host the traditional 500-person athletic event at the Newport Dunes given the economic environment, but we felt strongly that we should continue to support the four selected charities at a time when they need it the most,” said Robert Brunswick, chairman and chief executive officer of Buchanan Street Partners. “The Amazing Raise turned out to be a wild success both from a money raising perspective and a culture building experience for our employees and participants.” 

About Buchanan Children’s Charities

Buchanan Street Partners is a leading real estate investment management firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California.  In 2007, the firm formed Buchanan Children’s Charities, a public non-profit organization, to measurably improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for children.  Buchanan Children’s Charities is a corporate catalyst for communicating to other companies about the value of corporate philanthropy and the opportunities available to make a tangible impact in our communities.